Our Operating Philosophy

At Sunrise Tree Services we believe that all clients deserve to be treated with respect. We believe in carefully explaining accepted arboricultural procedures that are needed to properly care for a given tree. We present our clients with all of the information they may need to understand the why and wherefore of a given procedure. We have informational materials available for our clients and can also point them to additional material on the internet to further their knowledge as it pertains to tree care.

One topic that gets much discussion in arborist circles pertains to "topping" or the unskilled practice of simply cutting a tree anywhere along a branch to shape the tree and/or provide for a scenic view from some vantage point. The problem is, topping opens a tree up to numerous disease-causing organisms and makes it very likely that the tree will suffer a greatly reduced lifespan. Sunrise Tree Services does not do topping, but we can always make our clients happy and provide them with their view by making the correct types of cuts in their trees.

There are other topics that come up with clients repeatedly in our work week, and we always strive to give our clients the best information available on those topics so that all of our clients can make the best choices for the continued good health of their trees.

We are often asked what happens to the wood we haul from your site. Unlike many tree workers who dump their wood at landfills or (worse) out in abandoned lots and fields, we take your wood and brush to a wood recycling company that grinds it into mulch for use in commercial and residential installations. In this way, we at Sunrise Tree Services know that we are meeting the imperative to think and act ecologically.

When it comes to references for our company, we simply give you the names and numbers of the last three jobs we've done. We believe that it is a questionable business practice to have a list of favorite clients to use as references.

If you have any questions for Sunrise Tree Services, please feel free to call us at our Austin number: 512-784-5333, or send us an e-mail by clicking the link on our home page. Thanks!

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